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Friday, December 05, 2008

Icicle Technique Page

This is such a fun technique and it didn't take long to make at all. It was the drying time that I didn't care for. But I did mine at night before I went to bed and when I was ready to go to my workroom again it was all dry and waiting for me! I'm glad I did mine that way instead of doing it in the moring. I can pretty much guarantee you that I would be touching it now and then to see if it's dry. Or picking it up and checking to see if it was set. I just can't leave things like that alone. SO for me it's best to just do it and leave it. And I do have to say I LOVE the end results of this technique!!!

Take the bottle of Crystal Effects and draw a line on your waxed paper long enough for your project. Go over the line again to make it a little thicker. s you go across for the second time move the tip of the bottle down a bit to create long drips that will be your icicles. You want to make these in varying lengths. Sprinkle with Dazzling Diamonds and allow to dry completely. This will take about an hour. Do NOT remove the excess glitter, it will cause the Crystal Effects to run and distort. When it is dry remove it from the waxed paper and add it to your project. Affix it with a little Crystal Effects on the back.

Only 4 more to go and the second set of 20 will be finished!!! I don't know exactly when they will be done but I think I should wait until after Christmas to post that they are ready to sell!!! It's just getting busier as the days draw closer to Christmas.

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Charlene H. said...

I can't wait until they are done. I love your technique pages. After Christmas sounds good to me!

Unknown said...

This is really neat, I have never seen it before thank you for showing us.

NeedsARibbon said...

Yes, this is a fun technique. Wrap it around the edge of glasses or bottles. I use a toothpick to "draw down" the icycles. Would be great on a winter scrapbook page, but probably not archival safe. Who cares, just make sure it does not touch your picture.

Anonymous said...

This is a fnatastic idea & it really does work! Thank you for sharing &helping me to make my Christmas cards 'sparkly'!