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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Glad via Glade!!!

It's always fun to make a cute gift from a plain one!! I bought a Glade candle at the grocery store on Tuesday when I was doing my shopping. I do like how their labels are meant to remove. That made the project a LOT easier to do!!!

I stamped my image on tissue paper using black StazOn and colored it in with colored pencils. You really don't want to use markers because the ink will bleed when you put the Crystal Effects on it.

After you are done coloring the image, cut around it to about 1/8" from the edges. The closer you can get the better. Take an old paint brush and brush on some Crystal Effects. It's ok if you don't get it on the entire area, you are just using it to affix the tissue paper to the glass. Begin with the center of the image and work your way out to the edges. Once it's down it's down to stay!!

Next brush a coating of Crystal Effects over the area. You can add glitter or micro beads now or you can give it one more coat of Crystal Effects and then add the glitter or beads. For mine I used the tiny micro beads that have the look and feel of sand. It gave the snowmen a frosted look and it blended in better on the jar which was already frosted.

If you don't want to add glitter or beads I recommend that you go all around the entire area with the Crystal Effects so it blends in.

Once it's dry just take a clean paint brush and brush off the excess beads or glitter. Now it's ready for gift giving. They make wonderful gifts!!!

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The Vannoy Family said...

What a great idea! I'm headed to Walmart to buy some glade candles - had them on the front counter for $2 ea.- something was telling me to buy some... NOW I know why! hahaha! Thanks for sharing

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! What a neat idea! I just LOVE your blog with SO many wonderful ideas!Thanks for sharing what you LOVE!!!! Hugs Kay

Sharon said...

What a wonderful idea!! And, I didn't know the labels could be pulled off.

Tammy said...

Cute project and neat idea. I LOVE snowmen!!!


Anonymous said...

What a darling candle idea for a cute gift. You have so many wonderful, creative, ideas for us. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

This is just so cute. I have a stamp somewhat similar, I did a lot of things with it but never thought of decorating a candle. Thanks for sharing. Buy the way, I just love your blog. Marie-Paule

Juanita said...

You are so fantastic at altering items. So inspiring.

Unknown said...

This looks very cute, I am going to try etching some this year If I ever get the chance.

Lori A. said...

That is so great! It looks good. I need to get some of those teeny microbeads.