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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All Tucked In!

It just seems so strange to be working on Valentine's Day cards when the Christmas tree lights are still on and blinking away! There are opened gifts under the tree waiting to be put in their perspective places. There's even Christmas cookies and candies left!!! I do recall when I was Christmas shopping or was it just shopping for me LOL at Joann's I saw they had an area of Valentine's Day items already sitting out. And of course I had to go take a look at what was there!!! So I guess I just need to move with the times and work on what is in!!!

SO today I made this Valentine's Day card. It's ok but not one of my favorites. I'm trying to find the "ideal" card to give to my hubby this Valentine's Day and this isn't the one!!! So far the little heart shaker card is #1 but I'm not done yet!!!

This card is kind of like a train wreck. A bunch of stuff everywhere and you just can't take your eyes off it!!! LOL As I look at it I think it looks like one of those things you see in a box and you take the pieces out and try to make something of it!!! I did tuck the heart in the scalloped decorative paper part but it is also taped in place. I think it might be cute if the heart was one you could open. Then you wouldn't have to make a folded card, you could just attach all this to a card front. Maybe I should work on this one a bit more!!!!

For this card I used the new Stampin' Up! "Candy Lane" decorative paper and the "Love You Much" stamp set. I am really liking this little set. I think it will be fun to use it in April when we celebrate our wedding anniversary!!!

I'm off to find some other inspiration to make yet another card using this set!!! Then I'm going to work on a purple bracelet!!! I'll show you the bracelet when I get it done. It's a fun stitch to do but those tiny little 15 seed beads are sometimes sticklers to pick up with the needle. I flung a few across the dining room!!! The cats are fun to watch when that happens. They hear something hitting the floor but just can't quite see it. With bigger beads it's nice, I just look at the cat and I can locate my bead!! LOL They usually don't go running after them, they just watch it. They watch it, I watch them and I retrieve my bead!!! Simple as that!!!

This item was made using Stampin' Up! products. To view more items made using Stampin' Up! products click here.

SO as I said I'm off to create!!

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for visiting,


Mamawheelie said...

What can I say? I really love the both of them. *grin* You do such awesome work. I probably don't comment nearly as often as I could or should, but I do take a look when I notice there's a new post by you. :)

Debby said...

I think they are both great! Love the technique page. Very clever.

Unknown said...

Wonderful Valentine, have a Happy New Year!

SueB said...

so stinkin' CUTE, girl - TFS!

Anonymous said...

Wanda, I love the idea of the hearts floating out of the pocket..I am going to try that myself. Thanks for sharing