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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Technique Pages for Sale

As I had promised I have the technique pages ready to sell. Well, they were ready but I wasn't. I needed to make sure I had time to go to the post office and next week is looking pretty good for me!

I am asking $18.00 (plus tax for Minnesotians) and shipping fees. And if you want them in sleeves it's an extra $3.50. Shipping is based on the weight of the box, your zip code and my zip code (55434). You can go to and fill in the information to know how much postage will be before you decide to buy. I accept charge cards through PayPal and I'll accept money orders. Sorry, no personal checks. The box without sleeves is 8 ounces and with sleeves is 10 ounces.

I 6 sets of these pages left so it's going to be on a first come first serve basis. If you have any questions please email me. Here is the link to the first 20 techniques I posted last month, in case you wanted to see them. You can also view most of them in the slide show on the right side bar. There's only 6 sets for sale so no fighting!! LOL

In a few minutes I will be posting another technique page that is in the second set of 20. I am making extra of those too to sell when I have finished the 20th page so you may want to stay tuned for that!!!

Thank you SO much,

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