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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bath Salts Gift Pack Weekend Project!

I haven't done a weekend project in a while so I thought I'd post one tonight. I've been so busy with those technique pages that I forgot about doing a weekend project until I ran across some bath salt I had made a while ago. It keeps as long as it's in an air tight container. And I ALWAYS keep mine in an airtight container. Not because it's best for the bath salts but because I would bump it and spill it!!! LOL

Let's start out with the bath salt recipe. It can be found here. It's a very simple recipe with only a few ingredients. It's best if the bath salts are not "today" fresh. Putting bath salts in plastic is not always a good idea. In time the fragrance oils will eat away at the plastic. I weigh my bath salts and 50 grams fits just right in the 3" x 3" zip bag.

SO to make the container/box you can print right on the card stock. I would use copier paper first to see if the measurements are close enough. Each printer is different. I saved the pattern in a PDF file so anyone can open it (as long as you have the program on your computer that opens these, usually the Adobe Reader). From side to side on the inside part should measure 3-3/16". Your bag of bath salts measures 3" x 3" so if the inside of the box is larger than 3" x 3" it should work. The pattern for this project can be found here.

Decorate the container/box as you wish. Here I used the Stampin' Up! "Sprinkles" little back ground stamps. I thought flowers sounded good on a relaxing bath product! I used glossy card stock and stamped in Versa Mark. I embossed with clear embossing powder. I then sponged in the colors. I used Certainly Celery, Pretty in Pink and Yo Yo Yellow.

Once the container was colored the way I wanted I set it aside to dry. I took a mailing label and put it in my Big Kick using the new Baskets & Blooms die cut. There is a cute little flower on there and the label fit perfectly on it. So I cut out the flower only. I sponged on the color.

Remove the backing from the label and have it ready to go. Lay the bath salts inside the box. Fold over the side flaps then the bottom flap. Holding it securely fold over the top flap. Take the flower label and "tape" the container shut. I wrapped some Certainly Celery ribbon around the box. Not because I wanted it to stay shut, the flower will do just fine on it's own for that, I just wanted to add a bit more color to the container. I punched out a couple of circles to fit in the scallop. For the white circle that reads "Bath Salts" I made that on the computer. I printed out a full sheet of them as I plan to make a lot more of these for gifts and to sell.

I did type up the instructions on copier paper and I taped them to the inside of the container, it also includes the "warning" for children under three, etc.

Here are those instructions:

Sprinkle a desired amount of the bath salts into warm running bath to allow them to disperse. Get in the bath, relax and enjoy. Warning: For external use only, adult supervision required. Not intended for children under 3 years of age.
As with all of the photos on my blog, if you click on them you can view the items closer. Don't look too close though, many of them have imperfections!!!

More weekend projects can be found here.

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,


Unknown said...

Your "weekend projects" are my favorites Wanda! I always love seeing what you have come up with. The bath salts and box are a great idea. Wouldn't that be nice to take if you went to stay with someone to leave as a thank you gift. Hmmm, what else could we put in that cute little box?
Thanks for the share,

Lynette said...

Great box, and what a neat gift!

Daisydaze said...

Such a cute gift idea; thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love the bath salts project thanks so much for sharing it with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Wanda: What a delightful gift this would make for a new mom or someone recovering from a bad cold or flu! I can only image making these in some FUN-FUNKY colors and adding them to a basket full of other yummy treats. Thanks for giving me a platform to go crazy with!

Have to say that I can ALWAYS find inspiration and delight in visiting your blog. You have such easy to follow directions and your able to walk us through these projects in a breeze. Thanks for all you do and offer us here at your "Creative Corner". Kadie

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

what a lovely project. I love bath salts!!

Unknown said...

Love this box, I have not made bath salts in quite some time now. It is on my list of Christmas gifts to make :)