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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lip Balm Gift! Weekend Project

I had never made my own lip balm before. I was at Sara's blog Sara's Creative Adventures earlier this week and saw her post and a recipe for it so when I was at Joann's I thought I'd use some of my coupons on a package or two of pot jars. They weren't on sale so I was able to use my coupon!! It was a good day!!! LOL Thanks Sara for enabling me!!! LOL

This morning I found some time to make the lip balm. You can check out the recipe on Sara's blog. It was easy enough to do though I did make sure I had the fire extinguisher at hand. Somehow heating up petroleum jelly made me think of flames. SO I thought I should at least be prepared!!

After I got the lip balm in the pot jars and my mess cleaned up. I ALWAYS make a mess when I do things! Never fails!!! LOL

Sara also has a link to the little box she put her lip balm in. My lip balm containers were smaller than hers so I had to design my own box.

SO if you are using the lip balm pot containers from Joann's and you want to put them in a little box, you will want these measurements. For the bottom part of the box I cut my piece of white card stock 4" x 4" and I scored it all the way around at 1-1/2". For the lid I used decorative paper and I cut it at 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" and I scored it at 1/2" all the way around. I held the paper to be scored at the 2" mark and scored that way. It was too hard to hold the piece so I only scored a half inch. If that makes sense. What I'm trying to say is that it was too hard to put the paper in to be scored at 1/2" so I put it in at 2" and the part hanging over is 1/2" and I scored there. It's the same difference just easier to hold on to! For both top and bottom you will snip one score line on each side. Tape the sides together. I suggest you put it together first so you can see which pieces need to be taped or glued. Before I taped the lid I punched a hole in it and added a piece of acetate for a window. The best way to make sure it's centred is to punch a piece of copier paper first and use that as your pattern. That way you have a better shot at getting it straighter!

I put the lip balm in the box and I tied a red grossgrain ribbon around it. I REALLY wanted to show that it was strawberry but the box was too little to decorate with strawberries so I came up with another container for it. I thought I would play with the new Sizzix die cut and made this little basket. Actually I made 3 of them. I kept gluing them together before I stamped them. UGH!!! Two times, can you believe it?? LOL

I glued the basket all up AFTER stamping on it. I wanted to add some crimps to the inside but I couldn't find any so I had to wad up a bit of tissue paper. It worked. I added the little box and tied it shut with more red ribbon.

It was a fun project. These would be great Stamp Cramp items, fun Hostess or Customer Appreciation gifts. As far as a Make n Take, I think they take a lot of time, even if you provided the lip balm already made. I think these would be great for Craft Fairs too!!

Be sure to check out Sara's blog for the recipe!!

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LeAnne said...

Adorable project. I will have to check that lip balm out!

Anonymous said...

Tooooo cute...Going to have to try it this weekend...

Unknown said...

Your project looks awesome, love the little bag you made for it. Thank you for the link Wanda :)