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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Pencil or Two!!

Here's a fun Hallween gift for the kiddies!!! These are SO easy to make too. I LOVE making these kinds of boxes. Acetate is a fun medium to work with.

What's great about these boxes is that you can follow the patterns for any occasion the pencils you find are printed in.

I had gotten my pencils at Wal-Mart for $1.00 and I also saw the exact same ones at the Dollar Tree. There's 12 in a package. Here I used 6 pencils per gift/holder.

To make these pencil boxes you need a few things first. Some pencils, decorative paper and a sheet of acetate.

Cut your acetate 7-1/2" long by 3-5/8" wide. Score on the short side at 5/8", 1-1/2", 2-1/8" and 3". I use the Stampin' Up! Stick Strip to adhere the sides together. Regular double-sided tape will hold but not for long!!

For the cap cut your card stock 1-15/16" by 9/16". Score a half inch all around. Fold the scores in and clip a half inch in on one score on each side. I clip the right score and then turn the paper and clip the right side on that edge, etc. You want all the clips to be the same so when you fold it together they go inside the cap.

I actually taped the caps on to the holder.

Decorate them as you like. I added some grosgrain ribbons and I stamped the bat and punched it out with the oval punch. I added a layer behind it using decorative paper. Simple but yet cute!!

These would be great for Pixie Sticks and other candies though I do NOT recommend you put candy in it that isn't pre-wrapped. This acetate does not state that is ok to use with food items. It's not manufactured for that purpose that is why I don't recommend it.

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Stampin_Melissa said...

Cute project Wanda! Thanks for sharing!

Anne Marie Peterson said...

Super job, Wanda! Love it!!!
Anne Marie

Unknown said...

Another cute little project Wanda. Thanks so much for sharing it. I can see it used for so many other holidays or occasions.

Nancy Riley said...

What a GREAT project! I love these!

Sara Paschal said...

Great project idea, this is very nice.