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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Frosted Flakes

I bet you thought I was going to talk about cereal!!! LOL I haven't had Frosted Flakes in years!!! Well, not the cereal kind that is!!

This type of "frosted flake" is made using a piece of white Fun Foam, some white card stock, a bit of glue, a scrap piece of acetate, a snowflake die and some micro beads.

First you take the Fun Foam and cut out your snowflake. Then you cut out two more snowflakes from white card stock. Set your snowflake down on your work surface. Set a piece of acetate on top of it and mark the area you want to put the micro beads. For this one pictured here I put the beads in the middle so I cut the acetate to fit in the middle.

Once the acetate is cut (cut two) take a tooth pick and dip it in the glue and "draw" thin lines of glue on the foam. Affix the acetate. Now glue on one of the white snowflakes. You may need to line up the snowflake first to make sure it fits properly. Glue it in place just like you did with the acetate.

Turn the piece over. Add some beads inside the holes of the snowflake where the acetate is. Make sure there are no beads sitting on top of the foam. Now glue on the other piece of acetate and then glue on the white card stock.

You can sponge the edges with a light blue or add some Dazzling Diamonds for a bit of sparkle. Use them in garland or on packages. There is an endless limit to what you can do with these little gems!! I took the photo before the glue was dry but once it dries it will not show.

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,


JIB said...

Too cute Wanda. I love snowflakes.


Kristine said...

That is sooo COOL!! Very clever title, btw--but you knew that ;)

Juanita said...

This is great!

Sara Paschal said...

I just bought some for the kids last shopping trip, now I may need to get up and get some :)

Love the snowflake, very pretty.

Fay said...

Love this idea..thanks for sharing!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

That is so darn cute! I don't usually do snowflakes down here in Florida, but now I just might have to buy that die, so that I can make some. Thanks for sharing.