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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spotlighting Technique Page

Here's a fun technique that has been around a while. Actually most of the pages of techniques I've done have been around for a while. But to make an album you have to include them all. Plus there are new people venturing into the stamping world who do not know some of these techniques.

I like this one because it gives a card some dimension. And it's a pretty simple technique to do.

To do this technique you will cut your card stock to the size you need. Stamp the image on it and then stamp the image again on another piece of card stock. Color in the second one. Take your smaller circle punch and punch out the colored area you wish to spotlight. Now punch a piece of card stock for the layer. Tape them together. Line up the layered piece on the uncolored piece and tape in place. Finish off as you wish. See, that wasn't so hard at all, was it?? You can have a LOT of fun with this technique!

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Unknown said...

Another great page and wonderful spotlight on the technique, LOL!! You have done a great job with your pages good luck on the sale of them.