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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sock It To Me! Weekend Project

I found these adorable Halloween socks at the Dollar Tree! I have a whole drawer full of these kinds of fun socks. Some for every season!!!

I picked this pair up for my niece. I knew she’d like it because it’s got a kitty on it!!! Maybe that is why I liked it too!! LOL

I totally dressed up these socks that they no longer look like they were only a dollar!!! I’m not telling anyone!!!

For the box bottom I took a piece of black card stock and cut it 5" x 8". You will be able to get two boxes from one piece of card stock. I scored all 4 sides at 3/4". I then snipped one side of each of the little scored squares on each end. I hold the scored card stock in front of me and I snip the first right little scored line on the bottom. Turn the card stock and snip the next one in the same place. You want them to be snipped in the same spot so when you tape or glue them together it looks better. Once you have them snipped then tape or glue the box bottom together.

For the lid I cut the acetate exactly the same as I did for the box bottom. Score it the same as the box bottom too, at 3/4" on all 4 sides. Instead of just snipping a scored line on one of the little squares you will be removing those little squares. When I placed my lid in the box bottom it buckled a bit on one end. To resolve that I just clipped a little more off those areas I cut the square from the bottom edge up. Clip it at an angle going from the bottom and narrowing to the top. Don’t clip a big chunk off, just an 1/8" at the most. Do this on all of those edges (8 of them total) and your lid should fit perfectly.

Now you are ready to decorate the box up for that special person. I just added a little strip of decorative paper to the top of mine. I used the scallop punch and I poked some holes in along the way! I added some ghosts I punches out of white card stock and stamped "Happy Halloween" on there too. I added a little tape to the back in the middle so it would stick to the plastic. I tucked the sides in and that was pretty much it. I was going to add some light green ribbon but it took away from the design on the socks so I just left it as it is. Less is better!! Under the decorative paper is the tag to the socks, I didn't want to take it off, it's kind of big but if I take it off the socks wouldn't be together anymore and I wanted them to be packaged. SO the decorative paper is also hiding their header tag thing!! Serves a dual purpose!!!

Isn’t this a fun and perfect way to jazz up an inexpensive item?

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alice said...

Love this great idea. I'm making assorted cards for christmas, hope it's ok to use the box idea to put them in. Thanks, for sharing.

Unknown said...

You sure are right,
that box dressed up those sox!
We love your weekend projects...
your crafty like a fox!
(A little Saturday morning humor for you Wanda...OK, very little! LOL)
Thanks for the ideas,

Unknown said...

What a great box and gift idea. Thank you for sharing.