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Friday, September 05, 2008

Is That My Mummy???

No, it's suppose to be Sue's mummy!!! She sent out her mailer and I deleted it. But then I figured I could do her little project by memory. I have to laugh at myself there. Memory??? It's fading fast!!! LOL

Fortunately I did read her tutorial on how to make it. There really isn't much to these. You just rip some card stock, sponge the edges and wrap it around the Crystal Light container or you can use a Pringles can. I had just emptied a Crystal Light container out and it hadn't made it to the laundry room yet! I use them in there to put lint in and we use that lint to light our camp fires! No need for anything but a match and the lint!! It burns hot and gets the kindling going!!

Anyway, back to the container. After I got done wrapping I had to patch a few open spots. But hey, no mummy is perfect!!! I used small circle punches for the eyes and nose. Though I'm not too sure Sue's had a nose!!

Isn't he cute??? It was fun and I'm thinking that this would be a pretty easy project for kids to do.

Have fun with this project. I hope I did it justice Sue!!!

Thanks SO much for stopping by today,


Snoopy said...

You did a great job!

Pat S. said...

Sooooooo cute!

And I always learn something new when I check in here...
lint to light camp fires...that's a new one on me :)

Unknown said...

I would say you did it some fine justice, love the project and I think I will have the girls make some up. Thanks for the great idea.

Amy said...

ADORABLE! Great job!

Michelle said...

Nice tip on using the lint to start a fire!

Debby said...

Just simply love your mummy canister. I have the pringles cans and am going to try this. Think I will use mine for my colored pencils and get them out of the box they come in.
Angel hugs

Anonymous said...

I bet you could use the Tootsie Roll bank containers and make a greet Halloween treat. The person who receives it could keep it as a bank 7/or Halloween decoration. I have several unopened ones and may just make them for my DD grandsons.

Thanks for the inspiration,