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Monday, September 01, 2008

Faux Seersucker Technique Page

Here is the page I came up with for the "Faux Seersucker" technique.

This is a very simple technique to do. I think it took me longer to color in the flowers than it did to actually do the technique!! LOL

Cut your card stock to 5-1/2" by 4-1/4". Stamp your image on the card stock. Insert the long edge of the card stock in your paper crimper. Now insert the shorter end of the card stock in the crimper.

Repeat both ends once more and you have the look of seersucker fabric. Use it as a background layer for your card or cut up and use as a component. Trim your card stock to fit the area you are working in.

Remember it's important to run the card stock through the crimper a total of at least 4 times or you will only get a re-crimped look. Running it through the crimper again causes the paper to not only get the ripple look but because it crimped over a previous ripple it caused it to buckle a bit and that buckle is what gives it the look of seersucker!

I didn't quite understand how it would look like seersucker until I actually did the technique for myself.

It's fun and SUPER easy to do!! Have fun with this one!!!

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Unknown said...

Great job Wanda, I so love this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wanda for the reminder on how many times to re-run the C.S. through the crimper. Guess that's what I've been doing wrong in the past.......Appreciate the technique. Kadie