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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Snow in September!!!!

I was playing around with the BigKick and the snowflake die cuts. I LOVE them all. Now I can have snow any time I want it!!! LOL

I tried several mediums and found that I like the Fun Foam the best. Oh and while I stopped in The Dollar Tree this weekend to get "ONE" thing (yeah, right!!!) I saw they had packages of fun foam. And being it is a dollar store they were "only" a dollar. The "only a dollar" kills me every time I see something there I think I "might" be able to alter!!! LOL And I did not buy them all. I only bought 2 packages of it!!!

Ok, back to the snowflakes. Aren't they cute??? You can get the Fun Foam in different thicknesses and you can also get it with a sticky back too. Those are wonderful because it can be a bit touchy getting the snowflakes all glued up before the glue dries!! I thought I would make mine into garland. I need to cut out a few more and add them to the garland, I need it just a bit longer. It didn't take long at all to make.

I punched holes in the ends of the snowflakes so I could add the prongs of the brad in each one. The fun brads came from the "Pretties Kit." They were perfect for the garland!! It added just the right bling. You can also add glitter to the fun foam. I chose not to, I wear enough of that stuff on a weekly basis that I thought I'd take some time off from it.

I have some plans for a few of the other die cuts and I'll be sharing my creations with you in between technique sheets!!! SO much to do!! LOL

Thank you every SO much for stopping by,


Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda:
These snowflakes are adorable! I've got the die and now I can't wait to try it out on the fun foam. Thanks for sharing (and enabling!!)
Truro, NS, Canada

Diane Gilbert said...

Snow in September, I'm not ready for that! LOL! Unless they are these adorable snowflakes, then I can take it!

Anonymous said...

Wanda: Thanks for sharing your dollar store story-DON'T YOU JUST LOVE THAT STORE?
I used this die to make snow flakes for my Christmas Tree a couple years ago. I change my theme for my Christmas Tree each year and I found the Fun Foam that year and thought-YIKES-I could decorate my tree with these. It was AMAZING!
Can't wait to see what the technique is. Thanks again for sharing. Kadie

Sara Paschal said...

You are going to have a great time with this bick kick, I love these snowflakes. It was almost cold enough to snow her wed AM LOL!!

Laurie O said...

I hate the fact that you are thinking of winter already! Booooo! I want Fall!

NeedsARibbon said...

I love the BIG SHOT too!