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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tin Update

The tins I used to make the gift candies with are still available at Michale's. Well, the ones in my area that is. They are found right at the checkout. But to get the ones you want you need to look at the other checkouts that they usually don't open up very often. Those are well stocked and they have other designs too. I am partial to snowmen so every time there is a snowman around I am drawn to it!!! They seem to call me. LOL

Just look by the checkout for the tins.


Dorothy said...

Yes, you do love your snowmen!!! And you make such beautiful things with them!!! Maybe we should call you the SnowQueen!

Bikingmom said...

Thank you! I just got my tins yesterday. I found 4 designs.

This solved my gift dilema for my 3 nephews and niece. I'm going to include the stamped chocolates and a gift card. PERFECT! And they're easy to mail! Oh happy day! :)