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Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

I was making some last minute stocking stuffers today. These are post it note holders. Aren't they sweet? They have such an elegant look to them. Then you open it up to find just the regular yellow post it's inside!!!!

These are VERY easy to make too. You will need a post it pad and some card stock. An ink pad and a stamp of your choice.

The card stock measures 6-1/4" long by 3-1/8" wide. Score the card stock at 3-1/8" and turn it around and score again at 3-1/8". Doing this makes it so both the front and back are the same size. Now you just stamp and layer and affix the post it on the inside and you're done!!! How simple is that??? Don't you just love those little gifts that look SO pretty and take so little time to do?? I like to make a bunch at one time. I mean, you've already got the supplies out so why not?? Then you have some on had too for a quick little gift. Oh and by the way, they do sell well at craft fairs too so make a bunch!!!! I made a few extra with "thank you" on them. Most of them I just use the wording "notes." I got a free stamp (you pay for shipping) at Vista Print. They have a lot of free stuff there. I like the stamps. They are a self-inking stamp and you do have to put it together. Which is a good thing because the words come around a rectangle frame. I just cut the frame off and affix the rubber to the stamp. Then I can just stamp away!!! I have several of these stamps. As long as they keep offering them for free, why not??? I also have three other stamps, they are "Remember, Friends and Things To Do." I have a list going of other words I want.

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Diane said...

What a wonderful stocking stuffer idea!!It's gorgeous!

ct said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it!

What size post-it notes do you use?

What a great blog you have - I always enjoy reading it and come away so inspired!

Thanks again :)

Unknown said...

I love all the great ideas you have been sharing here for the holidays. I'm wondering if you could share with us how you find the time! Good tip too about making more than one of a project.

Unknown said...

I love this stamp set, you made a wonderful gift with it. Merry Christmas!