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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Eye On the Counter!

Don't forget the "Eye on the Counter" Blog Candy. Click here to be taken to the post for more details. My blog is not far from hitting the 200,000 mark and you want to be the lucky viewer!!!


Wendy said...

How do we get a screen shot? I just know you're going to hit it tomorrow; I noticed earlier today that you're allllllmost there, and if you have other stalkers like me, who check in 4 or 5 times a day...wait! You could hit 200,000 while I'm typing out this comment! I gotta go check the counter. Again. LOL!

Sugar Cards (Candi V) said...

It hit a while ago. I am 200174.

No one saw the exact 20000 as I am the second poster. Congrats on the hits. The ornament is adorable.

Candi P

ktstamps said...

I was late 200,181! Bummer! Congrats! kt

Shivani n AmazerAV1 said...

I hope Iam not late..Ive sent u picture..but missed 20,000 hit...
anyways congrats..!!