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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Socks for Christmas??

Yup, that's right. Someone is getting socks for Christmas. But presented in a way I bet you never though of!!!

I turned the sock half way inside out (the toe part). It's the ribbing that is part of the hat. I just didn't have the heart to cut off the sock and just make a hat out of it. I mean, after all it does have snowflakes all over it. Sheeesh!!! SO I turned the toe part inside and then wrapped the other sock around that and wadded it up. I then slid it over the lid of the jar. This jar lid is around 2-1/2" in diameter. I did not glue the sock in place. Remember, it's got snowflakes on it!!!! That would be a crime!!! LOL The ribbing was tight enough to hold it in place. I gathered a little of the sock at the top and tied a bow on.

Now what does this have to do with stamping??? Well . . . it's the rub ons!!! They work SO well on glass and when I saw this snowman face at Michael's I just had to have it and I knew just what I wanted to do with it. I was there on Monday and saw that they have a snowman and snow woman rub ons too. But alas, I didn't purchase them. DH will be glad to hear that!!! LOL But her face was just TOO cute!!! Anyway, after getting the face on the jar I filled it with bath salts. The recipe can be found here. Oh and I did rip the rub on a little but I stopped peeling the paper back and rubbed some more and it all came off and you can't see the rip. Then I added the hat and tied the bow. I still need to add an ingredients label and the use label and it's ready to go!!

The jar was from some of those tiny corn on the cob things for stir fry. Baby corns?? I'm not really sure what they are called. I got them at Aldi's. I pretty much save every jar that doesn't come with the company's imprinted name on the glass. You never know when you're going to need one or ten!!!

This is a very easy and inexpensive gift to make and give. The socks were from that dreaded Dollar Tree and bath salts go a long way so I'd have to say this gift was around $2.00. I wonder if they'd sell well at craft fairs?? Then again if you're in it for the money part of it you may want to just cut that sock off (wow, I almost passed out there from those shocking words!!! LOL) and you will get two caps out of it. If you're REALLY good at sewing you could sew the remainder of the sock and use it like Peds!!! Personally I just couldn't bear seeing them cut up so I'd have to just toss that part. LOL Have fun making these!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by!


Linda SS said...

This is so cute:) I do picture this as being a good seller at craft fairs as I think they'd make cute stocking stuffers.

Anonymous said...

very very cute! You have so many great ideas! TFS

Anonymous said...

Clever Idea and such a nice presentation for a gift.


LeAnne said...

These are adorable. It is probably a good thing that I don't live too close to a Dollar store, and I live even farther from a Michael's, I'd be in there ALL the time checking out all the goodies you say they have!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea, this is really COOL!

tyrymom29 said...

What a wonderful gift idea ....ANyone would be happy to receive it !!! Very cute and fun ..Thanks for sharing it with us !!!!

Unknown said...

That is just adorable! Here's another thought...could you do the same thing with pink or blue regular socks and a person face rub on for maybe a shower favor??? Glad to see too that I'm not the only one saving every jar I can. You know, just in case! LOL

Diane said...

OMG Wanda!!! This is sooooo darn cute,you have the greatest ideas! You must dream about crafts to make all these wonderful things!!

Pat S. said...

Hi Wanda!
Very clever!

Did you use some kind of seal over the rub-on, or just keep it away from water?

Anonymous said...

This is WAY TOO CUTE!!!! I love it and I definitely think it would be a great seller at craft fairs.
TFS. Happy Holidays!

Life Is A Journey said...

These are unbelievably CUTE!!! I would love to be the special someone getting one. You are so creative.

Shannon McGann said...

That is just such a cute idea! Thank you so much for sharing! I love it!