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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons of Green???

I just love that song sung by Roy Orbison, with blues, not green!!!

I am hoping SO much that this Christmas when we open gifts that I don't look at wrapping paper and want to make cards with it. I REALLY don't want to be asking anyone to open their package carefully so I can have the paper. How oh how can I keep myself from asking??? Let's just hope my family uses ugly paper. LOL Today while I was at the grocery store I saw they had wrapping paper on sale for $1 a roll. Well, I just HAD to buy some. Not because it was only a dollar but because I will need some for next year. I'm always on the look out for snowman paper!!! But I found this really pretty holly and berries paper and I knew the color of the berries would match the Purely Pomegranate paper. I find it ironic how I can remember exactly what a color is and match it in a store but I can't remember where I left my keys!!! Anyways, I had to buy this paper and make a card using the tree from the "Jolliest Time of the Year" set by Stampin' Up! I wanted a quick and simple card and that is exactly what I got.

Wrapping paper is a little tricky to work with since it is so thin. It shifts in the paper cutter and at times the snail tape will rip it. Plus once you set it on top of your card stock there is no moving it. Just turn over the card stock and start again!!! Been there, done that!!! LOL

This is a nice size roll and it will surely make a LOT of cards. I'll have to keep that in mind for next years Christmas cards. It would help keep the card under one ounce!!! Though the pomegranate card stock won't be available next fall. But on the brighter side Stampin' Up! always comes out with something even better! I'll have to wait it out. But for now I'll just make a few of these but make them as holiday "Thank You" cards. I need about a dozen of them and these are pretty easy and quick to whip up.

I used watercolor paper for the tree and the wording I did on the computer because I wanted the "Merry Christmas" to fit in the small Stampin' Up! oval punch. There's not much more to say about this card, it's pretty simple to figure out! Next time I'll make one that is a bit more challenging!!! Maybe!! LOL

Thank you SO much for stopping by,


Jeannie said...

Don't change the card a bit!! I love it! Now I wish I could find the wrapping paper! Some people are such enablers! Thanks so much for sharing -- I'm looking forward to another year full of great ideas to case! Jeanne

A.Lee said...

What an awesome card you made! I love the colors and the way you put it together. I, too, have the curse of the "Save that wrapping paper." TFS.

Diane said...

Very lovely Wanda!!!

Michele Kovack said...

Another beauty! I love that paper, how clever of you to think to use it for a card!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this card. I will be looking for that paper---it is so beautiful. I will be watching the wrapping paper on other people's gifts this Christmas.
Thanks for the great idea.

tyrymom29 said...

Love this card!!! It looks great!!!

Unknown said...

Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

oh my, you've created an awesome card with that wrapping paper! How very creative of you! Here's a hint for you - turn away as people open their gifts LOL It'll be a little less painful:)
TFS another fabulous idea!

StampMom said...

That is a beautiful card, love the wrapping paper. Got my design wheels spinnin', thanks!

Pat S. said...

What a great tip...wrapping paper...who would have thought!

Your card is gorgeous :)