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Monday, December 17, 2007

SO Soft and SO Fun! Tutorial

Here's an oldie but goodie for gift giving. Have you ever done the stamping on velvet? It's very fun and very easy. The results are SO elegant too! I (of course) wanted to do a snowman but I only had green velvet. SO I took the tree from the "Jolliest Time of the Year" set by Stampin' Up! for this project.

Here is what you need:

A canning jar
Stamp, image of your choice
Spray bottle
Ironing board or mat

Cut your piece of velvet about 4" x 4". You can iron it on low to get any wrinkles out of it.

Set your piece of velvet on top of the rubber stamp, velvet side down (backing facing you). Have the rubber stamp on your ironing surface with the rubber side up. Mist the fabric 3 times. With your iron set to medium heat, set the iron on top of the fabric for three seconds. Shut the iron off.

Remove the velvet from the stamp, turn it over and see the beautiful impression!

Place a couple of cotton makeup pads on top of the jar lid.

Place the ring on top of that and work the raw edges to get it centered. Now you can do either one of two things here. You can hold the pieces together and work in some hot glue to hold the velvet to the lid. I have held the pieces with my thumb under the lid and my forefinger on the velvet. Tilt it back and the ring will slide off a bit to allow you to hot glue the velvet. Then trim the edges around the ring. Or you can just tuck the excess velvet under the lid and pet it on the jar and screw it in place. I have done both. The gluing one is the more professional looking one. The second option is quicker and you are less likely to get burnt. Tonight I did the tuck one because my fingers are not happy near any heat right now. I have blisters on the last two fingers and the others look like I have severly dried skin. Not pretty but it could have been worse.

Add a bow and it's all ready for gift giving!

Have fun making these!!! You can really impress a lot of people with this gift item!!

I like to buy my jars right away in July when they come out on the shelves. They have some really pretty ones out at that time. By the time you are ready for canning all they have are the plain ugly ones out. I believe it is Ball that has the really pretty cut glass ones. I did buy some pretty "Elite Collection" ones, they are short and squatty. I didn't use them for this. This tree didn't have a short squatty look to it. It really needed a taller jar to do it justice. The jar used here is almost 4" tall.

These would be wonderful gifts for a teacher, Sunday School teachers, my mail carrier would LOVE this! This would make a wonderful Stamp Camp project. And it could be a Craft Fair item too!!! Add it to your Hostess Gifts list or Customer Appreciation Gift list. And don't forget, it could be a fabulous Make N Take!

Thank you SO much for stopping by,


Diane said...

Wow,love this!!!

Unknown said...

I have never tried this, now it is on the list of to do's. (Wow, I have a long list don't I?)

Anonymous said...

cute idea, Wanda-great way to use those small pieces of velvet up, too!

Bella Rose Creations said...

Thank you for the great idea! I have seen the stamped velvet before but wouldn't of thought to put it on a glass canning jar! TFS

Anonymous said...

wow---that's beautiful.

can you use any type of mounted stamp?


Pandessa said...

I've found using only real velvet works, the cheaper stuff does not. Not sure what you used Wanda?

I love the look on the jar!

Anonymous said...

wow! These are GORGEOUS! I've seen velvet stamping done on tv before, but seeing it used on lids is such an awesome idea! What a way to WOW someone with a small gift! TFS this great tutorial!

Elaine said...

That is a really cool way to puff up the lid! I've seen the velvet before, but not as a cute lid like this!!

Thanks for sharing!

Cherie said...

Just catching up on my emails and saw this project! This is just too awesome! I love it! Thanks for sharing!