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Friday, December 14, 2007

How to Wrap up a Snowman!

Ok, now as busy as I am this holiday season I get an email from a friend (and yes, she still is my friend, even after this!!! Right Cathy???) LOL and in the email was the most adorable snowmen cookies I'd ever seen. Simple ingredients too. SO of course I had to make some. Like I had nothing better to do than mess with cookies. But not your every day ordinary cookies, they were SNOWMEN cookies!!! Some people's eyes light up at the very thought of the word diamonds, mine light up the same when I hear or see snowmen!! LOL Simple things/simple minds!!! LOL

Here is the link to the cookies. I am giving a couple of them as a gift with a bunch of other gifts, including the Reindeer Pie!!! LOL But I wanted the packaging to be nice. I got some cake slice boxes. These are really nice boxes and you can find them in the cake decorating section at Michael's or you can get them at a cake decorating shop. Mine came from Michael's and I used a coupon!!! I used Blue Staz On to put these cute snowflakes on from the "Holiday Tag Team" set by Stampin' Up! I was able to do them pretty fast because I didn't have to reink the stamp every time. I wanted some dark and light colored snowflakes so I just kept stamping until the snowflake was getting light and then I hit it on the ink pad again. I did wrap the snowman up in Saran Wrap and I had to add a little bit of tissue paper because the box was a bit too big. I didn't measure the cookies before I went shopping for the box. I mean seriously, how many people measure cookies??? LOL

The little adorable snowman is all wrapped up in the box waiting for my friend to open it. The box looks so sweet with the blue organza ribbon on it. So you can tie in some stamping with your treats. It's a wonderful presentation that really doesn't take all that long to do. Oh my, I felt like Martha Stewart for a minute there!!! LOL

I did a couple things different with my cookies. I'll just recap the adventure for you.

I melted the white bark in a large bowl in my microwave. I dipped a cookie in it to cover and placed the cookie on parchment paper. I'm sure waxed paper will work well too but I usually use parchment. Then I took two mini chocolate chips and set them in place for the eyes. I turned them over because they looked a bit creepy with the curly thing sticking up. I then added the scarf. I bought a package of 4 icing colors. Not frosting, it won't set up, you want icing. I had to mix some red and yellow together to make orange for the nose. You get red, yellow, green and blue in the package. Then I broke the pretzel in half and dipped it in the bark and set them in place. I added the mini M & M buttons and for the smile I melted some of the mini chocolate chips and used a tooth pick and just dotted them in. The photo doesn't show a mouth on the snowman but we all know they have them!!! And that was it. They set up in about a half hour. I left them for a couple of hours and they were all set up and ready to wrap up. It was fun but it did take a while because it was a lot of steps for each one and you pretty much had to do them individually. And get this. Not a single cookie was broken in my package so I got to play a lot longer than I wanted!!! LOL I don't do cutout sugar cookies so these little guys will more than make up for that!!!

I think they will be a BIG hit this Christmas!
I'll take a break from the food stuff and go back to a couple cards and maybe a couple more last minute gift ideas!

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Jeanne said...

I LOVE these!They are adorable! What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing!

Jeanne said...

I just checked out the link for the recipe and am even more excited. I recently went to a Taste of Home party and ordered this cookbook! I want it more than ever.

Thanks again for sharing. I've printed this off as a project for my kids and I to work on!

Anonymous said...

These are too stinkin cute! You sure do have a lot of energy to get done all the projects you tackle! Now that I've seen them I'm gonna have to try making them too!! Who doesn't like snowmen? I sure do!! TFS, good job "Martha" :)

Unknown said...

These cookies are rocking, am going to have to give them a try, I am positive the kids will love them.

cathy said...

Yes, Wanda, I hope we are still friends!! I thought of you instantly when I saw these and you did them up so adorably! The box is pretty darn cute, also. I wish I had a fraction of your creativity!

dasimonds said...

These are great...and versatile.
I did this for Halloween as ghosts.
You can also do these as reindeer.
Easy yet Adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Julie Koerber said...

Those snowmen are about the cutest thing I have seen. I am planning a bake day next week! Maybe I'll give them a try!!! TFS!