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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Very Punny Milk Bath Sour Cream Containers

OK, this is the last of my milk bath (for a while)! I only had about a half a cup or so left and I suppose I could have grabbed a book and taken a nice hot milk bath but I chose to seal them up in these two sour cream containers! To make these I cut my vellum 3" x 5". I stamped the image on the velum using black Staz-on. I let it dry for a few minutes, just to be sure. Then I took the 3" side of the vellum and with a toothpick I added some glue and made a tube. I repeated it for the second one. It goes a lot smoother if you make more than two, you don't really need to "wait" for the glue to dry. By the time you get to the last one the glue is dry on the first one you did. Once you're sure the glue is dry you will be taking your tube and on one end you will add some glue to the inside edge, using the toothpick to make sure you get the glue on evenly and on half the circle. Fold the circle edge in to form a "V". Make sure the seam from the 3" edge is in the middle. You are not making any creases in the tube except for the very end where you just put the glue. You will pinch the side edges to form a small crease. Insert this end in the paper crimper and give it a little ridge. This is optional. I have made many sour cream containers without crimping. Crimping just adds a bit more depth to the edges. Once you have done one end on all of your containers you will now fill it about 3/4 full of your bath product. Again you will be gluing edge but this time when you close it you will be making sure the seam is on an edge and not the middle. This will give the container that twist! And viola! You have a sour cream container. You can use decorative papers but not with bath products. The essential oils in bath products will bleed through the paper and leave what appears to be grease spots. And yes, glue has to be used (I used tacky glue here) again, because of the oils tape will not hold. You can also use these to put little candies in or money. Punch a hole in one of the edges and make an ornament with it. There's a lot of things you can do with these! Have fun!

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Susan said...

how cute and how nice to receive one just this size.