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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pamper Me Pink Bath Salts & Recipe!

This is the last item that was made at the Pamper Me Pink Stamp Camp. It was one of my favorites! I LOVE making bath products! For this project the following items were used:

Glass Clip Jar (or any glass jar that seals)
Regal Rose Card Stock
Whisper White Card Stock
Regal Rose Ink Pad
Tagger's Dozen Stamp Set
Silver Cording
Anywhere Glue Stick
Bath Scoop
Bath Salts

Measure your Regal Rose card stock to fit around your jar. A 9" long strip by 1 1/2" strip was used here. The Whisper White strip was cut 9" long by 1" wide. Stamp your image onto the white card stock. A stamp-a-ma-jig was used here to keep the butterflies in a flowing line. When you have finished stamping, take the glue stick and cover the back of the white piece of card stock and center it onto the rose piece. Cover the back of the rose piece with the glue stick and adhere it to the glass. The piece should overlap a little. You need this overlapping to help it stay stuck. The one in the photo overlaps by 3/4".
Your scoop will need a hole in the handle to put the silver cord though. You can do this by taking a large sewing needle and holding the tip of it under a candle to get it hot. Once it's hot poke a hole in the handle and it will melt through. You can take an x-acto knife and carve around the hole a little to clean it up. Tie your silver cord onto the handle and tie it in a pretty bow! The handle will fit into the hinge of the clip. The side ring doesn't meet all the way in the back and you can wiggle the handle in there so it stands straight. If the ends are too close together you can pull them out a bit with a pliers.
Fill your jar with bath salts and you're done!
This is a very simple bath salt recipe. There are many other recipes on the Internet. I like simple ingredients and I like quick things. This one is both!!
Bath Salts Recipe
1 c. coarse salt. (canning or Kosher works just fine)
1 c. Epsom salts
1/4 t. fragrance or essential oil
Pour the above ingredients into a glass bowl and mix together with a metal spoon. You can also pour them into a quart size jar, put the lid on it and shake it. If you choose to do this method put the fragrance in second and the epsom salts on top. That way when you shake it the fragrance won't stick to the top.
Remember when working with fragrance oils, plastic is your enemy. Fragrance oils will eat away at plastic, so it's not good to mix them or store them in plastic.
When making these to sell you will need to include ingredients plus you need to use the Stampin' Up! copyright stamp on it. If using Stampin' Up! stamps to make this for sale you must remember that you are not permitted to sell these in any place that is permanent. You can sell at craft fairs and boutiques. Check with your demonstrator or with Stampin' Up! for the guidelines. Penalties and fees are not worth the money and time you spend making items to sell.
Make sure you remove any bath salts from the rim of the jar before you close the lid.
The jar is from Michael's and the adorable bath scoops are from the Southern Goose
*These make fabulous gifts for your hostess, friends, family and teachers! Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip about not using plastic. So maybe that's why I see these bath salts being mixed in glass jars all the time. Maybe plastics are ok for storing but not for long periods of time.