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Friday, February 23, 2007

Tips & Techniques: Staining Ribbons

I've had a few questions come up about staining the ribbons so I thought I would answer them here. When you ask questions on the comment section there is no way I can reply back to you. If you'd like personal answers please email me, I'd be more than happy to help you.

Ok, back to the ribbon. I cut my ribbon about 3 or 4 inches longer than I need it, for two reasons. One I like to trim the edges which may fray and two I, at the last minute, may want to tie a little bow on. You know how indecisive stampers can be when it comes to finishing off their projects!

Take your ribbon and set the middle of it on your ink pad. Using a sponge hold it in place applying some pressure to the pad. Pull the ink from under the sponge and as it's rubbing across the ink pad it's picking up the color. Turn over and repeat for the other side. You may have to do this several times to cover the surface of the ribbon, especially with grosgrains. Flip it over and repeat for the end you were hanging on to. You may want to grab a paper towel to hold the end if you don't want stained fingers. Once the ribbon is covered I take that paper towel and run the ribbon through it a few times to absorb any excess ink. I set it aside while I'm doing finalizing my card and when I'm ready to put it on the card it's usually dry. There are times that I don't feel it is dry enough and I will take it over to my embossing tool and let the warm air dry it. I said WARM air which means don't hold the ribbon to close to the heating element. You're just drying it, not burnishing it!

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