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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Beaded Pens

I've had questions about how to make a beaded pen. It's a pretty simple project. First you need a white label. An address label is not big enough. I bought a package of full sheet labels. There is one 8 1/2" x 11" label on the page. You can get 18 to 20 pieces out of one sheet. Cut the piece to fit the pen. I use the Bic Stick Grip pens. Cut your label 3 13/16" x 1 1/8" Next you will need double sided tape. I prefer to use the double sided sheets. They are about the same size as the label so you can get 18 to 20 pieces per sheet. Cut that the same size as the label.

Add your design to the white label. Remove the backing and put it on the pen, just above the black "grip" part. Now you are going to add the double sided sheet. Remove the backing and put it on the pen. Use the edge of the label as a guideline, adding the double sided tape just above that edge (about 1/8"). When putting the sheet on be careful not to let the ends touch until you have removed the outer label. If the sticky side touches the other side of the protective backing you will be working a bit hard to remove it so it will stick to the pen. Once you have done that, remove the other outer backing piece, being careful NOT to touch the tape. Your finger oils will remain on the tape and the beads will stick but in time they will fall off on those places. Make sure your micro beads are poured into a flat dish and roll your pen in them to cover it. Take the pen out, set it on a hard surface and with your palm and a little pressure roll the pen across your work area. This will push the beads in further.

If you're using the double sided tape you need to wrap the tape around the label completely covering it. Once that is done, roll it in the beads. If you have any questions please email me, my email address can be found below the "View My Complete Profile" link on the right column, just below the "About Me" paragraph.
Splitcoast also has a beaded pen tutorial. I believe they ran that on the week of the 18th.

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