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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pamper Me Pink Bracelet and Envelope Packaging

This is the third Stamp Camp project we did. It's a bracelet and an envelope display package. For the bracelet you need to find beads to your liking. You will also need some elastic beading thread, 1/2" strips of decorative paper and aquarium tubing. The paper used here is the "Loves Me" Designer Series Double-Sided Paper by Stampin' Up! Take about a half inch or so of the paper and wrap it around a tooth pick to make it cylinder. Slip it into the aquarium tube and trim the tube. You will want to do this for each tube bead you desire. Cutting the tube ahead of time makes it difficult to trim it should the paper be too short. 5 to 7 tube beads should do it, depending on the other beads you use to fill in. I like to work with a long piece of elastic, about 12 inches. Tie a toothpick to one end and begin designing your bracelet. You will want to check the fit along the way. Once you are done, remove the toothpick and tie the bracelet together. Set it aside or wear it as you make the packaging for it!

You will need a 3" x 3" square white envelope. The one pictured is by Stampin' Up! The "Spot On" jumbo wheel and Pretty in Pink ink was used to create the design on the envelope. Do both sides. Take the smaller tag punch and with the flap down, punch a hole in the middle of the envelope. Take the larger tag punch and punch out a border piece from a scrap of Pretty in Pink card stock. Now take the piece you punched out of the envelope and tape it to the top of the larger pink tag. Punch a small hole in it at the top and punch a hole in the envelope and secure it to the envelope with a silver brad. Slip the bracelet inside a 3" x 3" zip bag and place it inside the envelope. Seal the envelope shut and sign the little tag on the front! A quick and cute gift to give anyone. Better make an extra one for you! You can make necklaces, earrings, wine glass charms, phone tags and many other items with this technique!

We did an envelope like this at the "Inking of You" Stamp Share in December. It was a lot of fun! Terri is a fabulous leader and always SO many new and refreshing ideas to show us. The bracelets have been floating around Splitcoast and every now and then one pops up! I especially like the blue ones that were done before Christmas using the Four Season's Snowflake paper by Stampin' Up!

NOTE: When putting on or removing any elastic bracelets ALWAYS roll them. Stretching them wears out the elastic and could cause them to break.


Dale Anne Potter said...

What a FABULOUS bracelet....I'll have to gather supplies and CASE this!!!

Anonymous said...

Wanda- this is FANTASTIC! I haven't seen these bracelets yet, but my girlfriend makes beautiful jewelry and this is a fabulous way to package it!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I love your blog!!

passionstamper said...

This is a great project for pre-teen girls to do at a birthday party, girl scouts etc.! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

Reindeermoon said...

Thanks soooooo much for giving us the directions for the wonderful bracelet and envelope. My daughter is in high school winter guard and wants to make these for the girls for their Las Vegas competition in March.
You have a Great Blog!!!!

Terrie said...

This is awesome!!! Can you tell me where to find the aquarium beads? I'd love to make these for the ladies in my stamp club to wear to the conventions. Thanks

Wanda said...

Terrie, these beads are made from aquarium tubing found at Wal-Mart in their fish section. You roll up decorative paper and insert it in the tube to make your beads. Sorry I have to post replies here. When you send a comment in I do not have any information on you to respond via email. Feel free to email me with any questions, the link is on the right side of the webpage!