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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day "Gift Certificate"

What a fun way to give a card and a "gift" at the same time. The sets used here are from Inky Antics and Darcie. Pocket cards are a nice way to display a bit of sentiment too. They are quick, easy and fun. Now that I am looking at this card on the screen I see that I could have sponged (my favorite technique!!!) around the heart candies border. A bit of red on the edges would have made that stand out more. Ok, so the lesson here today is: A quick card is great but don't be too quick! Pay attention to details. Hmm, maybe I should put my cards up on the computer for viewing first before I assemble all of them! Anyway, it's a nice way to give a "personal" gift for your favorite Valentine!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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