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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pamper Me Pink Votive

WOW! I can't believe there's only one project left to post after this one! This one was a lot of fun. You get to play with micro beads!!

You will need the following:
Votive candle cup
Tissue paper
Micro no hole beads - clear glass
Markers of your choice
Stamp of your choice
(stamp here is from the Stampin' Up! set Happy Harmony)
Paint Brush
Crystal Effects

Ok, ready to play? Cut your tissue paper to fit around the votive. Stamp your design on by coloring with markers directly on the rubber. You will need to "huff" on the image before you stamp it onto the tissue paper. Repeat until you have the amount of flowers you desire. Once your tissue paper is done to your satisfaction set it aside. Take your Crystal Effects and pour some on the glass to cover. Don't make it too thin that it dries too quickly and don't make it too thick either or the ink will run and smear. Now that your votive is covered pick up your tissue paper and set it in place. Start with the middle of the tissue and just drape it on, slowly going around each side to adhere it. If it overlaps you may want to put a little Crystal Effects on it to make it stick. Now you will repeat the Crystal Effects application you just did. Make sure your beads are poured into a container that will allow you to have room to roll the votive in it. Roll your votive in the beads, dump out any beads on the inside before you remove it from the container. If there are bare spots you can touch them up by adding a little Crystal Effects and more beads. If it appears lumpy you can take the metal part of the paint brush and push them down so it's flatter. Set it aside to dry. This should take about 20 minutes or so. When it's dry you are going to add one more layer of Crystal Effects to it to adhere the beads to the tissue. Once it's dry the beads will no longer flake off in your hands. Insert a candle and it will make a fabulous gift!

If you are not happy with the way it turned out you can soak the tissue paper off. Leave it immersed in water for about a half hour. It will peel off. You can dry the votive and start over. Crystal Effects is AMAZING stuff!!!
It's ok if your tissue paper doesn't lay down smooth on the candle. This won't show once the beads are on. REALLY!!!
It's better to use darker colored markers. The lighter ones don't show up as well. The design will be visible but will be SO subtle you will hardly see them. And if you light the candle the image will totally disappear. Stampin' Up! has a plethora of sets that will work with this technique! Have fun!


Michelle Tweedy said...

Wanda, I love this project. I have had the SU! micro beads in a drawer since they first came out and they are still sealed. I think it's time for me to give this project a try. Maybe I'll do a shaker card too! Thanks for the detailed instrucitons. I love the step of adding CE on top of the beads.

passionstamper said...

Love all your Valentine Camp projects! Simple, but really nice! Thanks for sharing!