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Monday, February 19, 2007

Doodle That Again!

I like this one a lot better than the more polka dotted background of the last post. Except for that tiny teal dot to the left of the circle. Poor planning on my part of where the paper should have been punched!! But in real life it doesn't look so odd, on here it looks like a mistake. And you know I'd NEVER point those out to anyone!!!
I will share with you a HUGE mistake I made when assembling these. I forgot that under the top two layers you use dimensionals so I ran around the whole perimeter with the tape. I was going to make sure this thing stuck too!!! Only to find out I had to get under it and let the tape loose. The dimensionals do serve a purpose after all! After I got the edges lifted up to where they should be I went under them with a paint brush and baby powder. The powder sticks to the tape and it's no longer sticky on that side anymore. Corn starch can be used too but it just so happens that I keep baby powder in my workroom, I use it when I'm working on my polymer clay. Hopefully sometime this week I'll be able to show you one of my items! If all goes well that is!
SO tell me what you think. Which card do you think looks better? These larger dots or the one with the smaller dots?
Thanks for stopping by!


happy4u said...

Both cards are really nice. The larger dots in my opinion are more sophistacated while the smaller dots remind me of dotted swiss.

tyrymom29 said...

Both your cards are really nice .....But i think i like the lil dots better ...Thanks for sharing ..

Michelle Tweedy said...

I like the second card better as well. I like the layout. I'll have to try one. Thanks for sharing!

bethtrue said...

love both of them; i think the one with the smaller dots is my favorite. thanks for sharing.

Deborah said...

I like the smaller dots better. Much better.

Sheri said...

I love both cards; the layout is great! I do have to say that I like the first one more though; it's more "girly". And for the record, I didn't even notice that tiny blue speck on the second card until you pointed it out! :)