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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kitty May Be Looking for a New Home!

I know someone who is not going to get anything from Santa this year!!!  Don't let this face fool you.  This is the face of a bad kitty.

I had just finished taking the items out of the bag and I set the bag to my right side.  The phone rang and when I came back this is what I saw!  Bad kitty.  The bag was torn up and there were pieces of the bag all over the floor.  And don't let that innocent face fool you.  This is the face of naughty!!!

If I leave my gloves in my purse instead of putting them in my coat pocket.  Bella Jean will take one out of my purse and fight with it and growl at the fur on the cuff.  Do you think she needs glasses???  It's a glove!!  

Oh and you should see the presents under the tree.  I don't think there is one that is not bit or chewed on the corner.  The Humane Society gal told us that this cat grew up with dogs.  Maybe that would explain some of the chewing problems, maybe!!!  Will there be anything for Bella Jean under the tree???  I guess we'll leave that up to Santa!!  LOL


bensarmom said...

Wanda what a fun picture and story. She does look so cute standing there like she saying, "It wasn't me, I just came into the room and it was like this, honest!" Merry Christmas.

Carla Ward said...

I have a bade Christmas kitty as well. Midnight has discovered that laying in the middle of wrapping paper while I'm wrapping is a lot of fun. He has also found out he likes to tear open the wrapped packages under the tree. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

katou said...

Oh the poor little one,She just wanted to help you to pack or
She doesn't look that guilty !!
Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your "chewed" pré