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Monday, December 26, 2011

Faux Paint Chips Technique

This was a very simple and fun technique.  And it just so happened that I needed a masculine birthday card too.  Today is hubby's birthday.  Poor guy was born the day after Christmas.  As a kid he use to get a lot of Christmas and birthday gifts combined.  I don't do that to him.  I keep the day separate.  Well, except for putting his birthday gift(s) under the tree and making him wait!!!  We both have birthdays that are close to Christmas and we both know what it's like to have the gifts combined with Christmas gifts.  So we both keep them separate and celebrate them separately as well.  

For this Technique you just get at least three colors of card stock. It's great if you can find them in the same color but each one darker than the next.  I like the Pink Pirouette, Pretty in Pink and Regal Rose but this card was for hubby so I went with blues instead!  When attaching the strips of color together you want to line the edges up so they are in a straight line.  You can also leave little spaces between them too.  It's all in how you want your paint chips to look.  If you are going to stamp directly onto the strips then you will want to line the edges together so you don't have any gaps between them.  This way you will get a solid image.  

This is a very fun technique and I like the looks of it.  Plus it's great for either a fun background or a wonderful focal piece.

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Unknown said...

I love the technique;) great card.

Mary said...

What a nice card! My birthday is the 10th of Dec. and I always had both combined too and hated as a kid.