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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Circle Christmas Tree

I found this card on the net a while back and wanted SO badly to make it but never found the time. 

Well, I got out the linen papers that I had and the glitter papers and gave it a try.  Well, it was obvious that I was using the wrong size circles because I couldn't get them all on the card the way that
Judy at Just Judy Designs did.

Her card is SO pretty and it was something I just had to make.  Have you ever seen a card and it was so wonderful that you checked to see if you had all the materials to make it because you just HAD to duplicate it???  Me either!!! LOL

Check out Judy's card here.  It's SO much prettier.  I like how she arranged ALL of the circles.  My card is ok but only if you don't compare it with hers!!! LOL  

It's Christmas eve and I need to get going.  There's partying to be doing and presents to open!!!  I hope you get what you want for Christmas!

Happy Holidays,

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