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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Matching Bow!

I LOVE having my bows match my wrapping paper but I REALLY hate cutting all those strips of paper to make it work.  Well, my problem is now solved.  Earlier this year I had found that Sizzix has a die that cuts those strips.  It cuts 3 sizes plus two different size buttons to attach the bow to.  How cool is that?  I thought it was very cool and after I bought it I set it aside until now!  I have a lot of stuff like that.  But this die is one I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of!

I ran the wrapping paper and the die through my Big Kick using a couple of layers of wrapping paper.  I just turned the centers of the strips to a point, matched up the holes (yup, it even puts holes in the tips too) and I just kept adding points until I thought it looked full enough!  I did use a retired red corduroy brad in the center to hold it all together.  I need to use those things up and what a perfect way to do it!!!  I was thinking about purchasing some of those plastic pieces you use in the center of these bows.  One end has a tip on it so you can just poke it through the box and it stays in place.  I'll have to look for them when I'm out shopping but I have a feeling I missed the window of opportunity with those!  But that's ok too, I have lots of brads I can use up!

I am not sure where I got this die but there's only a few places online that I shop for them.  One is Oh My Crafts, Ritz Camera (I know, who would think they would have dies) and Sizzix.  I don't shop too many other places on the net for things like this.  It just seems that once you know where to get the best price you just don't shop around anymore.   

These do not take long to make and I thought it was fun too!  I'm off to make some more bows for the gifts I still have to wrap.  I just finished up my holiday baking and I have a few gifts left to buy and a few left to wrap!!!  I figure I should be done with that by Thursday and I can kick back and enjoy the rest of the holiday season!  Get the stressful stuff out of the way and take time to enjoy the lights, music (maybe snow) and the warm cozy evenings!

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