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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Greeting Card Kids Snow Globe Weekend Project

I was digging in one of my cupboards in my workroom today and ran across two of these adorable snow globes.  I was digging in there for some Snow Tex to put on this adorable outdoor snowman yard art a friend of mine (Peggy) gave to me.  She just didn't want it anymore.  I will show you what I did to it tomorrow.  I really should have taken a photo of it before I added "stuff" to it.  But it's ok, I know you'll think it's cute and NO Peggy, you can't have it back!!! LOL

Ok, onto this fun project.  I did have to add more water to them. It's so odd how water in these things can evaporate.  Does it really evaporate?  The thing is sealed and the seal is covered.  It must, the water has to go somewhere!

After filling it I then went on the search for something Christmasy to fit in the area I had to work with.

I found the adorable little winter girl from the "Greeting Card Kids" set worked perfectly in there!  Isn't she cute?

I cut my card stock to fit the space provided.  Then I stamped the image twice.  Once on the cut piece and then again on a scrap piece.  I cut out the tree and the girl.  I colored them and them put them on Dimensionals.  I was wondering if that was a waste of time and a waste of Dimensionals.  But it wasn't.  You can see the dimension on the girl and the tree.  And it made me regret that I didn't color the girl and the tree on the cut piece of card stock.  But it still looks nice.  

With this globe you can do another image on the other side or you can add your holiday greetings. I'm going to keep this one like it is for a while and then I'm going to take it apart and make one for my new great-nephew.  I am going to put a photo of him on one side and do a little Christmasy thing on the other side behind the words "Baby's First Christmas."  I think his parents will like it!  I'll share it with you when I get it done.  I'll even share both sides of it with you this time!! LOL

The other one I'm going to give to a special friend of mine who is just getting into stamping and I'm going to let her have some fun with it!  I got it all filled up for her and ready to go!!  

I think this globe came from Oriental Trading several years ago but I do know they still carry other forms of snow globes.  You can always Google it too if you don't like the ones that OT has!  These make GREAT stocking stuffers, a fun Stamp Camp project and I think they may sell well at craft fairs. Decorate up one side and have the other side with some options like Merry Christmas mom, grandma, etc.  Or a teacher theme.  There's lots of ways you can make it work and appealing to the buyer!  Check out the side bar on the right for more Stocking Stuffers, Stamp Camp projects and Craft Fair items.  The side bar is full of things for you to see and have fun with!

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