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Friday, December 23, 2011

Jolly Bingo Bits Header Weekend Project

Here is a fun and quick stocking stuffer.  I these adorable chocolate ginger bread boy came in a package of 3, so I got to make 3 stocking stuffers for the price of 1!  You can't beat a deal like that!!

I put this cute little guy in a food safe bag and then added the header base. 

When you make these you want to cut the header about 1/8" to 1/4" wider than the bag.  You also need to decide how tall you want the header and then double it (because you are folding it in half).  

I staple it on but I make sure the bumpy part of the staple is in the front.  Once the decorated paper is put on the front it hides those bumps and all  you have is the smooth metal pieces on the back. It's a nice clean look and no one will get poked if one of those bumps happen to pull up a bit.

Once you have the folded header base attached you can begin to decorate it any way you like.  Here I used the ginger bread boy from the "Jolly Bingo Bits" set.  I just stamped them on using Chocolate Chip ink. 

The words are from the "Four the Holidays" set.  And the holly is from a small hand held punch I have.  I don't know where I got the punch or what it is called.  I've had it for MANY years!  

These were fun and quick to make!  And this is the last of the stocking stuffers I will be making this Christmas!

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