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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Now You're Cookin"

Isn't this paper adorable???  Can paper be adorable?  Well, I think it can and this paper is adorable!!!  It is from the "Domestic Goddess" pack.  And the fun part of it for me was I got to play with two of the new "In" colors that I have not paid much attention to.  And they are Pool Party and Calypso Coral.  They are SO pretty together.  It makes me think of spring.  Of course without snow and warmer temps it almost feels like spring out there.  I am temped to hang sheets outside tomorrow.  And I may just do that so I can say that I hung sheets outside the last week of December!!!  LOL

I have always loved this layout.  It lets you use those little images in sets that often get left out because they are too small.  This whole card is designed for those little images.  They are the focal point of the card!!  I know I've used this layout a lot but what can I say.  I'm just showing you what to do with those little images!!! LOL  

This little image is from the single stamp "Now You're Cookin".  It's got 2 of these cups on it, an oven mitt, a pancake turner and a fork, knife and spoon all on one rubber piece.  I just colored in the cup with a marker because that is what I wanted in the center of this card.

I thought I would send it to a friend with a recipe in it!  It also looks like a great card to use to invite people to coffee or just a pretty thinking of you card to send off to your friends.

The flash really bounced on this card because the coral color is not really that bright of an orange and you can see the coffee cup much better in real life too!  The cup had a little star mark on the image so I thought it would be pretty to add a rhinestone there.  I was going to add a tiny half pearl but the rhinestone sparkling looked prettier!

It's a very simple card to make and I always have fun making these.  And probably because they are quick to make too!

The layers go as follows beginning with the base of the card. 4-1/4" x 11" and fold it in half on the long side.
3-1/2" x 4-5/8" on the coral layer
3" x 4-1/8" for the Pool Party card stock layer
and 2-7/8" x 4" for the decorative paper layer.  And you need a 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" piece of scrap paper to stamp on.

When I punched the holes I taped the decorative paper to the card stock at about the spot where the circle will be punched from.  I lined them up as if I were permanently layering them.  Then I dropped the layers all the way inside the 1-1/4" circle punch, I lined up the sides so they were even and I punched out the circle.  Then I took the decorative paper (with the hole already punched in it) and set a piece of scrap copier paper behind it.  I took the 1-3/8" circle punch and punched out a ring.  You toss the ring and keep the decorative paper piece.  The hole is now bigger than the hole on the card stock and when it's set in place it is a circle with a nice layer behind it.  Simple as that.  You can decorate it as much or as little as you wish.  The first card I made with this sits out all of the time because I have the instructions on the inside and since I make so many of these I like to have it at hand!  Give it a try with one of those small (less than an inch) stamps and see what you think!  I gave you measurements, you have no excuse not to do it now!!! LOL

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