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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Christmas Fudge Sleeve Weekend Project

To make this cute sleeve, I took a piece of decorative paper that measured 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" I scored the bottom piece (on the long side) at 1" and I scored the top end (on the long side) 3/4".

On the short side score at 1", 1-1/4", 3-5/8" and 3-7/8"

Fold the short scored lines so the back side of the decorative paper is on top.  Fold the long scored inward.  Use a very strong tape like the Sticky Strip or the Redline tape (same exact thing) or you can use glue.  I prefer to glue.  It takes a little longer to set up but I know it will stay, even if I leave the candy in the card and it gets froze. 

Since I’m using glue I’m going to use the word “glue” in my instructions.  I glued the “cuff” I crated at the bottom.  I only glued it on the ends.  I wanted them to lay down flat when I meet the edges of the paper to form the sleeve.  You will see what I mean if you wrap the paper around the candy bar until the long edges meet.  See at the ends how that folded piece sticks up?  Just glue them down.  You don’t need to glue the whole “cuff” but you can if you want. I like to leave it unglued so I can slip in a little “to and from” tag.

After gluing the edges of the “cuffs” then I glued the long center back seam.  And then I glued the bottom of the holder shut.  I just pinched it and held it for a few seconds while the glue set up. 

I searched my ribbons and didn’t have any Garden Green color so I am going to go with Always Artichoke.  The green in the patterned paper is so fine that the Always Artichoke blends just fine.

I did have a bit of trouble trying to get the ribbon knots to match up.  Who would have thought that would be so difficult? 

I also took a piece of Always Artichoke and punched out a tab, folded it in half and glued it to the end of the candy bar wrapper.  Since I made the candy holder pocket so deep I wanted to have something to pull the candy bar out of there.  I thought shaking it out cheapened it for some reason!!  The tab gave it a bit more class!

And then I added the cute little cookie cutter and rolling pin.  Those are from the “Dress It Up” pack I got at Michael’s.  I thought that set of little baking things were adorable!!!  There’s a cookie sheet, a gingerbread boy, 2 more cookie cutters, a spatula, cutting board, cookies, spoon and a few more things.  I couldn’t pass it up. I bought these a few years ago and have had them hanging on my wall ever since I bought them.

These little pockets are fun to make.  I printed out a few more words on the computer so I can make some more of these.  They do make cute gifts!!!!  And it saves you a lot of time in making real fudge!!! LOL

The poem for the front goes like this:
A day or two ago, we thought we'd make a treat for all our special friends...
A Christmas gift to eat! Our intentions were top notch, but our schedules 
would not budge, hence this year's version of homemade Christmas fudge!

Click on the photos for a closer view. And there is a longer version of the poem here.  It will fit on the king size candy bars.

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