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Friday, December 30, 2011

Stocking Punch

You've probably been reading at other blogs that the stocking punch is not going to be in the next catalog.  That is sad because the punch is SO fun to play with.

I needed to make some thank you cards and since it was for Christmas gifts I wanted to make this card I had my eye on for well over a month.  I was "meaning" to make it but never got a round to it.  SO in light of the stocking punch not being available after the mini is done I thought I'd better make this card now before I forget about it. 

I don't know who originally made this card.  I had gotten it off a display board but I REALLY liked it.

The bottom of the card had a Christmas greeting but I changed it to "thank you" instead.  I thought it made and adorable thank you card.  I am two short so when I get done posting this I will be making two more.  I am hoping to get them written up, addressed and ready to go in the mail on Tuesday.  I'm not sure if there is mail service on Monday due to New Year's day being on Sunday.  But a goal of Tuesday is more doable for me anyway!!  

If you have that punch, make this card.  It's fun, easy and SO darn cute!!!  Oh, I forgot.  The original card had a little piece of ribbon on the back end of the stocking top.  It was like a loop for hanging.  I didn't add it and I don't remember why but I do like it just the way it is.

OK, that about covers it all.  Be sure to stop back on New Year's day for my annual Blog Candy!!

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