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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dasher Christmas Bulb

I'm just making some last minute gifts and stocking stuffers.  This was a very quick bulb that I made.  I purchased the "Dasher" download and printed it out using some Avery acid free clear sticker paper.  This stuff is SO fun!!!  You can print anything you want on it.  You cut it out and stick it on your cards, scrapbook pages and even bulbs!!!  

You really do need to cut as close to the image as possible so the sticker paper doesn't show.  It was TOO difficult to do with the antlers so I just figured the paper would have to show through. 

In my haste to take the photo I forgot to add the ribbon.  The color I chose for the reindeer was the Cherry Cobbler so I was going to add some matching ribbon.  Sorry you didn't get to see it.  The ribbon  was just tied around the neck of the bulb and then tied in a pretty bow.  It was simple enough and yet it gave the ornament that finished touch.  I want to do this with our son's wedding photo for next Christmas.  And what is fun with this too is I can type the date and info and just stick it all on the back as a separate sticker.  That will be a fun gift (for next year!!).

Ok, I'm off to work on my last stocking stuffer for Christmas.  Come back tomorrow and I will share it with you!!!

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Kristie W. said...

Very pretty, Wanda!

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