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Friday, April 08, 2011

The Open Sea Father's Day Card

OK, this is the last "The Open Sea" card I will be making for a little while.  I SO love this set.  Well, the digi set that is.  My clear mount set will be arriving next week.  I will try to refrain from playing with it for a week or so.  But it's SO hard not to.

As I was setting this card up to take a photo, I was admiring how crisp every line of the image is.  Well, of course it would be crisp, it wasn't inked up and stamped.  Sometimes not all of the details come out when you stamp and it's ok, it's part of the art of stamping.  Though being the perfectionist that I am I do like to see a perfect image.  Anyway, what I saw in this ship was a fun idea.  I thought it would be fun to print out a bunch of them at 50% opacity and make a notepad with the images.  I'll be giving that a try but not right now. I'll give the image a break for a little while.  

And don't you just LOVE these papers too?  I used the "Nautical Expedition" Designer Series paper downloads #3 and #4.  I think these knots on the paper are FABULOUS!!!  What I did was I printed out a whole sheet of each on 30# copier and cut off what I needed. Just like you would do with the original paper from the pack.  
I printed out the ship but this time I made it smaller.  It is still a bit larger than the image in the mini but that's ok, I wanted it bigger for this card.  

And the "Happy Father's Day" came from the "All Holidays" set.  That image is much smaller than the one in the catalog (or the original image).  I wanted it smaller to fit this card.  I can't wait for my order to come.  As I look at this I can see that the "Happy Father's Day" image would be SO cute if it were punched out with the new "Postage Stamp" punch!   The image would have to be made even smaller for it to fit in the punch.  Anyway, there's lots of fun stuff coming up so I'm pretty sure I can leave this ship set behind for a bit and play with something else!!!  

Thanks for putting up with me today!
Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by,

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Anonymous said...

Another awesome ship card, Wanda. I really like all of them........ Love all of your ideas.