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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Open Sea Notebooks

Once again I opened up "My Design Studio" and played with "The Open Sea" download.  Adding to the ever growing list of the great things about downloads is that I can make it any size I want.  Well, pretty much any size.  Sometimes if you make things too big they will pixelate.  Which means the image will look dotted, distorted or have a fuzzy look to it.  Did you ever have a photo printed that was from an old camera and it came out fuzzy.  Well, that is what pixelated.  Pixels are the tiny dots that make up a photo or image.  There's only so many of them in an image and when you stretch that image beyond the max you get a fuzzy mess!  But shrinking the image down doesn't do that.  But you can lose some of the finer details when making the image very tiny.  I shrunk the ship down so it fit in a 1-1/4" round opening and there is still a LOT of detail in the image!  I printed out a full sheet of them (about a dozen) so I can make some more of these tiny notebooks (they measure 2-1/2" x 1-2/").  They make great stocking stuffers and the do sell well at the craft fairs I've been in.  And this year I will have more masculine notebooks when I put these in the basket for sale!!!  It's always great to have little things for the guys stockings.  

As I look at these in the photo on here I am thinking the background could use a little something more.  I'll have to work on that.  I do like them as they are but maybe some textured card stock or using a texture folder will add a bit of pizazz to it!  I think it just needs a little "something" else on the background!  

I love making these notebooks with my left over card stock and copier paper.  I tend to print out a lot of things and when I'm done with them I will cut off 2-1/2" pieces for notebooks.  And to think I use to toss those papers in the recycling bin. Now I recycle a bit of it before I toss them in the bin and make a little money on them too!  I sell LOTS of these and the favorite seller is this cute kitty snowman.  I'll be making that one sometime too and will post it on here.  I was asked before if I will be selling them in my web store.  Yes, I will put some in the store when I get them made.  These ships are spoken for.  I'm using these as gifts but later this fall I will be putting more ship ones together, along with other ones and I will let you all know when they come available.

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lisa808 said...

Great little notebooks. The image and colors are perfect together.