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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thoughts & Prayers Sympathy Card

I have been putting this card off all week and today I had to get it done for the viewing tonight. My uncle died on Easter Sunday.  He had been ill for a while but was hanging in there.  When he was taken off all of his meds he actually got better!!  Imagine that???  Makes you wonder about the meds sometimes, doesn't it.  But as time went on his body just couldn't hold out anymore and he slipped into a coma an was gone the next morning.  I always had fond memories of him.  He was a very nice man and will be missed.

I made this card using the "Thoughts & Prayers" set.  I copied this card from one I found on the Stampin' Connection web site at Stampin' Up!.  It was designed by Lyssa.  I liked it very much and thought it would be perfect for tonight.  I did change the wording and it looks like it's crooked.  I am going to stamp the words on a piece of white card stock and punch them out with the large oval punch, sponge the edges and tape it on top of the crooked words.  I thought I lined it up right and I probably did, it could be mounted crooked.  That sometimes happens too!  And I also changed the bottom.  Lyssa's card was a bit smaller at the bottom and the card stock was smooth. I use the Lattice embossing folder to add some texture to the card.  I think it's a very pretty card and masculine enough too.

K.C. seems to be doing a bit better today.  I need to get a call into the vet to get an appointment to have him checked in about 10 days to see if the infection is cleared up.  He is not liking the special diet food.  But I think when he gets hungry enough he will eat it.  He doesn't have much of a choice, I don't want him to get the crystals stuck again.  Poor kitty.  We have to go shopping this weekend for a pill popper (thank you Rita for the link) and we also need to get him some cat tooth paste and a cat tooth brush.  I am not even going to think about doing that yet.  I can't even begin to imagine how that is going to go over!!!  Anyway, he seems to be feeling a bit better.  He purred really loud when I brushed him this afternoon!  That's a good sign!

Thank you for visiting today,


Rita W said...


I wish you the best of luck with K.C. My Bandit started having issues back in November with crystals and we spent so much time (and money) trying to get him better. We finally opted for p/e surgery and he hasn't been blocked since then. I hear just using the special canned food can help most cats, but he just needed a bit more help than that. HUGS to you and your sweet boy. (not sure which food he's on, but the Royal Canin S/O seemed to go over better than the Hills C/D in our house).

Rita W said...

Sorry, Wandy. I meant p/u surgery. I don't want you to have wrong information. I hope the diet change will work for you though.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely sympathy card, Wanda. I'm sorry about your loss.


Unknown said...

wanda this card is stunning. So sorry for the loss of your beloved Uncle. Keeping you in my prayers.