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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beautiful Wings Sketch Challenge

I'm a day late with the Sketch Challenge this week.  It usually comes in on Tuesday night around 11 or midnight.  And yes, I'm usually up thanks to this wonderful insomnia.  I HATE it but I decided to put the time awake to work instead of laying in bed saying, "if I fall asleep now I will get 5 hours of sleep, etc."  So I just get up and do stuff.  It's amazing how much stuff I can get done too.  And I never really knew how much quite stuff there was to do around here!!!  I know dusting is a quite job but I don't like doing it, daytime or nighttime!!! LOL

Ok, lets talk about my card so I can post this and finish up my project to show you tomorrow!!!  Finally!!!  

The sketch shows two circles.  I had thought about using a flower in the top circle and a Happy Birthday in the bottom one but changed it to butterflies from the "Beautiful Wings" Sizzlet.  I had a bunch cut out from a different project.  I needed the very tiny butterfly which left me with all the other sizes. I put them in an empty brads container and saved them for another day. Well, today turned out to be that "other day!"  Saving these things helps to put a different card together quickly!  Not that the butterflies are difficult to cut out but I didn't have to get some card stock, get out the Sizzlet, run it through my Big Kick and repeat for the two butterflies I needed.  I just opened up the container and it was half full of these white butterflies.  Can't ask for more than that now can you?  

For the #3 spot on the sketch I used ribbon instead of card stock.  Though I had thought about using the ribbon punch to make that piece but I wanted a knotted bow on the card to fill in some of that open space.  
And last but not least my wording is from the "Well Scripted" set which I believe may be retired or is in limbo until the new catalog comes out in a few short months!  I like the set so I'll be hanging onto it for a while longer!

If you have time, give this sketch a try.  It's a lot of fun.  There is so much you can do with this layout!

Thank you for visiting today,

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imsteelefullofscrap said...

Love the butterfly card!!!