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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Faux Tile Technique and Technique Page

I didn't make a sample with this technique.  I had run out of the brushed silver card stock.  I'll give it a try some other time and link it back to this technique page.

This is a very simple yet beautiful technique to do.  All you do is find an embossing folder that has lots of design to it.  You can use ones with less but you don't get the full effect of the tin tile look.  

The tin tile is a very old form of wall and ceiling (yes, ceiling) covering.  I could see a few feet of squares of those tin tiles on a wall but not the whole wall and definitely not on my ceiling.  Anyway, it lead the way for this faux technique!

Once your brushed silver card stock is textured you cut it into squares.  You can also use a square punch for this too.  Next you set them in place on your card stock making sure you leave an equal amount of space around each square.  See, I told you it was easy.  And LOTS of fun too! Now go try it!

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Unknown said...

Very nice I do want to give this a try;)