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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aviary Birthday Card for the Wednesday Sketch Challenge

 I really enjoyed this weeks Sketch Challenge over at SplitCoastStampers.  I did flip the sketch so it would work with the images I wanted to use.  And that is perfectly ok.  You just don't want to resize the spaces too much though.  That is why it's called a challenge.  You are given a sketch and you are to use it as it is as far as the elements go.  I don't flip them too often but there are times when you have an idea in mind and you just have to turn the sketch!  This was one of those times.

Now as I look at the card I'm not sure what birds out of their cages has to do with a birthday???  Hmmm, what was I thinking?  Oh well.  Should anyone ever copy this card I'm sure they will come up with something better on the front than "happy birthday!"  LOL  I'm ok with it the way it is. I was just having fun with the layout and all of the colors!  Not to mention the layers.  You all know how much I LOVE layers.  

The most difficult part of this card for me was the 2-b pieces.  I wanted to try to keep them small like in the sketch but I did end up making them just a bit bigger.  Mostly because I didn't have any punches that tiny!!!  

Oh and I did have some trouble with the birds on the Wild Wasabi card stock.  But that was because I was trying to stamp them after I had the card all put together.  I have not learned yet that I should just set every thing in place and see how it looks before I start in with the tape.  Is it possible to learn that?? Perhaps possible but not probable!!!  LOL 

SO, if you have time give this sketch a try.  Flip it around any way you like too!!  Try 4 cards from this sketch, one in each direction!  I've never tried that before, it sounds like a fun challenge.  But not today.  I have a very sick cat to deal with.  Ever have to give a cat a pill?  And we are not talking a tiny little pill, this one is bigger than a pea.  I didn't think a cat could swallow one that big.  It's not fun either.  We were told to wrap the cat up in a towel like a kitty taco and with your hand behind the ears you lean the head back and the jaw will open slightly.  Really?  K.C.'s jaw did not open at all.  SO it took two of us to give him the pill.  And just when we thought we were done holding his mouth shut, off to the side of his face is the pill.  How did that get there?  So once again the hand goes behind the ears, head leaning back, no jaw opening up.  SO the other hand pries open the jaw and hubby pops the pill in.  We close the jaw and pet him and tell him to swallow.  We were told it could take a couple of minutes for him to swallow too.  UGH!!!  Finally he swallows and no pill on his face or the floor so we were happy!!  K.C. not so happy.  Oh and then we had to give him some pain meds too.  It was liquid and all we had to do was get it in his mouth, it would be absorbed through his skin.  Couldn't he just step in it??  Or sit on it???  That was a liquid so it wasn't as bad as the pill.  Two weeks, twice a day with the pills.  He's going to hate us by the end of the two weeks.  And hopefully he will be feeling better.  The poor guy has crystals in his bladder and he couldn't pee.  It's a very serious thing and within 24 hours he could die.  He was crying all afternoon and when hubby got home we took him in.  He cried SO loud in the car.  Hubby held him, we didn't think we could get him in the cat carrier.  And as he held him K.C. was looking out the window and seeing all the things going by.  I don't think he liked seeing light poles, cars and other thing whizzing by him.  When he'd put his head down he was quieter.  SO, don't look out the window then!!  DUH!   We were glad we got to bring him home tonight.  When the Dr. was pushing oh his bladder to feel how full it was the blockage let loose and he shot a stream of urine out. Poor kitty!  He's had this before and once they get this they will be prone to getting it again.  I keep telling hubby, for a free cat he's cost us a LOT of money.  But he's such a nice kitty and I don't want to lose him.  

I've added a photo of KC.  He is the most mellow cat you will ever meet.  He loves it when you rub under his chin.  When hubby is rubbing him under the chin and stops KC will take his paw and pull hubby's arm towards him so he can be rubbed some more!!!  And when I hold him he will give me a kiss.  I will say, "KC, give me a kiss" and he will rub his whiskers across my nose.  And I will say "a nice kiss" and he will do it longer and slower!!!  He's so smart!  Anyway, I'm just happy he's on the mend.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


Rita W said...


We've had a sick kitty that's had to have meds on and off for a few months now. I don't think we'd have made it if it wasn't for this thing: If you have a pet store near you, go get one and it will make your life much, much easier.

Hugs to you and kitty.

carol h said...

Read you kitty sorry KC is not feeling well...its always so hard when our beloved pets are sick.....prayers to both you and KC for a very quick and lasting recovery.

Hugs andPrayers,


Mary said...

Sorry to hear that your cat is ill hope he gets to feeling better soon! Pretty card Wanda, always enjoy your creations, Mary.