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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tart & Tangy Gifts Weekend Project

Ok, here it is.  Just as promised.  I finally got them all done.  I suppose I could have shown this to you  when I had a couple done but then (knowing myself as well as I do) I know I wouldn't have gotten them all done.  So now they are all done and I can share them with you!

I do SO love the direct to rubber technique.  I took my image and colored in the red and green with a marker.  Then I huffed on it.  The moisture in my breath was enough to keep the ink from being too dry and I stamped the image on my white card stock.

I made 14 of them so it took a bit of time.  When doing just a couple of anything it doesn't take long at all but when you do more than a handful it does take a while.  Not that it was difficult, it was just time consuming.  It was a project I wanted to do but didn't really have the time for, so I would take a few minutes here and a few there and finally they are all done!

I filled some baggies with the strawberry candies and now I have a fun spring favor/gift all ready to go!!  Hope this was worth the wait!!

A tip on cutting the card stock for the baggies.  I measure my baggie and then I cut my card stock 1/4" wider.  As for the height of the card stock, well that all depends on what you want on the front.  I practice mine with a piece of scrap copier paper and when I get what I like or need I then move on to the card stock.

These are a lot of fun to make and honestly, they are very simple.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice, Wanda.
I'm glad that you got them finished.


lisa808 said...

Very cute. I haven't inked that set up in awhile and now I have a new idea to use it for. tfs