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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Upsy Daisy Bleaching Technique

One of my fellow DIVA's, Julianne made this card.  The theme for this swap was to either make a gift card holder card or a flower card.  I LOVE how the bleaching turned out on here.  With the bleaching technique you never really know what you are going to get. Some papers you use will bleach differently than others.  I had black card stock bleach and leave an orange color behind.  It was great if you were making a moon!

You do have to be careful when doing this so you only get bleach on the things you want it on though!  I do love the look of this technique but I do find it dries out the rubber on my stamps.  It makes the rubber seem a lot more firm.  So what I do is when I am done stamping with it, I was the bleach off with soap and water.  Then I ink up the stamp with VersaMark.  The glycerin in the VersaMark helps to rehydrate that rubber.  I like to leave it on there overnight and then I wash it off with soap and water and the stamp is as good as new!  One more thing to remember with the bleaching technique, always clean the stamp off immediately after you are done with it. Never leave it set overnight.

There, now you got a fun technique to play with and some tips on what to do to take care of your stamps after!

Thank you Juliann for letting me share your beautiful card with everyone!

And thank you for visiting today,

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This is beautiful;)