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Friday, April 01, 2011

Animal Stories and the Bargello Technique - Technique Page

This is the first time I've used the "Animal Stories" set.  Shocking, isn't it?  It's so sad. I wanted this set because I thought it was so cute and there it just sits on my ledge waiting to be used and put on the shelf with the other cataloged stamps. 

Anyway, I used this set to make my card that I used the Bargello Technique on.  The words are done on my computer and they were set in place with Dimensionals. 

It's a fun and easy technique and if using just card stock you can get rid of a lot of scraps that way too.  For mine I used a piece of decorative paper from the "Blueberry Crisp" pack.  I cut the card stock across the printed lines.  I didn't want to cut it along with the lines, then I wouldn't get a good mix when I attached them. I took a piece of card stock and put my mono tape on it, the entire thing.  Then after I got done cutting my strips in various widths I just stuck them on the card stock.  I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top.  Once my first strip was in place I took the second strip and hovered over the first strip with it so I could match up one piece of the design.  Then on the second strip I moved the it to the right or to the left of the design piece and set it in place.  I did this for a few strips going in one direction, then I changed it for a few more strips and it created a "V" look or a wavy look.  Click on my photo for a closer view of the decorative paper.  You just keep repeating this "V" or wave until you have our piece of card stock all covered.  Trim the edges and it's all set to be used in the background of your card.  It's easy and fun too.  Plus it adds a wonderful background to your cards.

A technique page was made using this technique.  I have a few more to do and set #4 will be ready.  You can purchase sets 1 - 3 in my web store on CD.  The are designed to be printed out, two edges trimmed and are ready to decorate.  A photo of each technique page is included on the CD too. They are great for setting up a technique club or just to print out and make for yourself for personal reference. 

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bernietom47 said...

AWESOME card! I've never heard of this technique. It reminds me of an afghan pattern call Jacob's ladder. Thanks for the tutorial.
Blessings Bernie