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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bitty Bat Punch Decorations Weekend Project

I had this adorable clear glass planter and didn't know what to do with it. I had one many years ago that I actually used as a planter. I believe it was what it was meant for. But knowing what I know about plants now it's better to keep the roots in a dark planter than in one that gets light. That is why the roots grow underground!!!
Anyway, back to this planter! I had purchased some fun suckers for an event I was going to but wanted them to be displayed better. SO I thought I would set them up the way I did the ghost Peeps a few days ago. I filled the planter with the remainder of the candy corns I had and I just added some candy pumpkins to the mixture! Since the suckers were already on a stick I didn't have to do what I did to the ghosts. Poor things!!! LOL

The sticks on the suckers were already at different lengths so I didn't even have to cut any off! I just inserted them in the pot and I was done. Though I thought the pot looked a bit drab. Seeing the candy was through the glass was cute and all but I thought it still needed a little something.

Well, what would be better for a "little something" than that adorable "Bitty Bat" punch? I punched out a bunch of bats using Basic Black card stock. I took my scissors and curled them a bit, like you would with curling ribbon but not so curly! I just wanted a little bend in them since they were going to be put on a rounded surface.

I set them in place on the glass using Crystal Effects. It's such a versatile item. It is not just for making things dimensional anymore. I LOVE it as a fixative! I have used it to "glue" lots of things together! Even broken things!

SO you can see here that it glued the bats on nicely and really dressed up that glass planter!

This was such a fun project to play with and not to mention those cute suckers had a lot to do with how adorable this turned out to be! And you can see that punches don't just need to be used for cards and scrapbooking!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


PepPop said...

Great project - love the little bats too. TFS. Jaqui x

Amy said...

Wanda, I love what you've done with this glass jar, I never would have thought to use punches--so simple and effective! Very nice job--and I have had fun looking through all the projects on your blog!