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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Candy Cane Christmas Fabric From Rags to Riches!

Here is a snowman that my friend Peggy gave me last year. I hope it was last year and not two years ago! I can't keep track of things anymore!! Anyway, she had giving me this snowman because she new how much I love them. It needed some work and she figured I could dress it up. It ended up in the garage and after we got some FABULOUS shelving built in there we ran across "stuff" we forgot about! And of course this was one of those things that hubby thought should be tossed because of how it looked. I'm trying NOT to be such a hoarder but I told him I wasn't going to give it up. I told him the plans I had for it. Now to have plans and to actually carry them out are two different things. SO realizing that I took the snowman in my workroom and began to dress him up.

Now why is it the buttons just fall off but when you try to remove them it's such an effort??? I couldn't believe how tight those remaining buttons were stuck on! I did get them off with out ruining the paint job. I removed the scarf and began to dress him up.
I got out my "Candy Cane" buttons and laid them on top of the snowman. I liked the colors I picked and knew t he "Candy Cane Christmas" fabric would be so cute on him. I glued the buttons in place with Crystal Effects. Wonderful stuff!
I cut a couple of strips of the "Candy Cane Christmas" fabric. I tied them around his neck.
I was debating whether or not to remove the fuzzy yarn wrapped around the hat. And as you can see I left it. I just added some greens and red beads for berries. It was enough to dress it up.
For his nose I used an orange brad. I poked the wood with my piercing tool just enough so I could push the brad in and it would stay. The brad was just the perfect size for this guys face!
Here is the after photo. Isn't he cute? Click on the photos for a
closer view. The buttons were covered by the scarf but they are there and they are adorable!
Thank you Peggy for this cute snowman!

And thank you for visiting today,


Mary said...

Looks like a brand-new "man"! Great job, Wanda.

Just Peggy said...

Oh, he was so pathetic when I gave him to you! Now he is adorable, good job, Wanda, you are such a good snowman fixer upper. You are very welcome for the formerly very pathetic snowman!