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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Northern Flurry Snowflake Note Holder Weekend Project

Today I was playing around with the "Deck the Halls" fabric. I LOVE altered items and this one is no exception. I had a note holder with some "Monster's Inc." characters on them. Since I felt I was a bit too old for that on my notes I thought I would recover it.
First I took the monster paper out of the box. Then I took the box off the cover.

I laid a piece of batting on the top and then I covered the cover with the fabric. I used tacky glue to hold it in place. I let it dry for a bit.

While it was drying I took some white velvet paper I found while digging for something else in my workroom. I ran it through the Sizzix using the new "Northern Flurry" snowflake die. Such a beautiful die and it makes the most perfect snowflakes!

Once I felt the glue was dry enough I cut a piece of white muslin and placed it on the inside of the cover to hide the edges of the Deck the Halls fabric.

Then I glued the snowflakes in place.

I glued on a piece of ribbon to the cover. I glued it on the inside. I ran it across the front and glued it from the center of the front and all the way around the back.

I added the pearls and the note holder was done. All I needed was to cut some copier paper for the inside and to close it with the ribbon. Since the ribbon was only glued from the center to the spine and on the back that left a small opening in the ribbon for the tail of it to slip though and hold the cover shut. I didn't have to deal with tying a bow and trying to get it straight. And don't forget that they are not all that fun to retie once you open it up! This way is just slick. Slip the end in the top part of the ribbon and pull it through the bottom. It holds it shut and looks nice too. I did add some tiny pearls to the ribbon. It just looked to plain without it! So now I have to decide if I'm going to keep it, give it away or sell it at the upcoming craft fair! Touch decision!

These do make wonderful gifts for friends, co-workers and teachers too! It would also be a fun Stamp Camp item!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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Noreen said...

Love your box cover.. and the red ribbon sets it off perfectly!